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In this cluster, students learn that daily weather conditions are not the result of random occurrences, but of global systems that can be predicted on a short-term and a seasonal basis.  Through observations and measurements, students investigate the properties of air and other aspects of daily weather.  Students learn to interpret public weather reports and investigate the usefulness of various ways of predicting the weather.  Understanding the meaning of severe weather forecasts and the preparations to ensure personal safety are emphasized.  Students recognize the role of technology in increasing scientific understanding of weather while appreciating the limitations in accurately predicting long-term weather trends.  They also investigate factors that influence climate in Manitoba and across Canada.

Properties of and Changes in Substances

In this cluster, students deepen their understanding of the characteristics and properties of substances, and the changes that occur in substances in different situations.  Through their explorations, students identify the three states of matter — solids, liquids, and gases — and describe the properties of each.  Students observe examples of reversible and non-reversible changes, including changes of state.  Students also investigate how the characteristics and properties of substances are altered during physical and chemical changes.  Students identify examples of these changes in the world around them.  Safety practices related to chemical products in the home are addressed.  Students evaluate household products by using criteria such as efficiency, cost, and environmental impact.

Forces and Simple Machines

In this cluster, students increase their understanding of forces through the study of simple machines.  Emphasis is placed on investigating a variety of simple machines and recognizing their usefulness for moving and lifting loads.  Students explore how simple machines are used in daily life, and they identify advantages and disadvantages of using simple machines for a given task.  Students apply their knowledge of simple machines by designing, constructing, and evaluating a prototype.

Maintaining a Healthy Body

The study of the human body at Grade 5 focuses on the maintenance of good health.  Students learn about the role that nutrients play, and how to plan balanced and nutritious meals using Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Eating.  Students gain experience in interpreting nutritional information on food labels, and in evaluating images presented by the media.  A study of the major body systems and their role in the healthy functioning of the human body helps students to appreciate the nature and function of each, and the interrelationships that exist between systems.  Students explore how lifestyle choices and environmental factors can affect personal health.