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Mrs. Olson

Witch Pattern Art

We had great fun making our witch pattern art. First we read books about witches, then we practiced making AB patterns. They chose the colours they wanted for their pattern and then turned their patterns into art. It is a very cool perspective, only seeing the bottom half of the witch!

Here they are:



Orange, red, orange, red, orange, red. . .

Green, orange, green, orange, green . . .

Still looking for Halloween Volunteers!

Hello Parents! I am still in need of a few more volunteers for Halloween. So far I have Maggie & Hunter’s mom and Kypling’s mom. I am planning on doing a centre approach, and need 5 group leaders. I could really use 3 more people that day. Let me know if you could come, even if it is just from 9am – 10:30am.


Mrs. Olson

Corn Shucking Bee!

The Kindergartens had so much fun working together as a class to shuck the corn for the Family BBQ tonight. It was great to see so many  J.R. Reid families at the BBQ. What a great community and a fabulous school to be a part of. Many thanks to the Parent Council for organizing this event. It was a great way to start off another busy and successful year!

Fine Motor Practice

Kindergarten is a time to use playing as a means of strengthening the arms and hands for printing.  Below are a list of wonderful activities you can do at home to support your child as they learn to print. I challenge you to check off all the things your child already does, and to try a new activity every week!

Activities to Develop Fine Motor Skills:
  • Pouring sand, water, salt, sugar, rice, or beans using bowls, funnels, spoons, cups, tubes, rolls, colander
  • Sorting small objects with interesting textures like cotton balls, pastas, sponges, and rocks placing them into egg cartons
  • Pushing objects through a slot like pennies or buttons into a Piggy Bank or container with a slit in lid; pushing pegs into a board
  • Picking up marbles and putting them in a jar; for variety, have child stand up and drop marbles into jar or drop balls or other small objects into container or sack
  • Building with blocks, logs, legos
  • Lacing with lacing cards – poking string through holes and pulling
  • Grasping wooden puzzles pieces and placing correctly
  • Arranging rocks, leaves, beans, cards, pasta, sticks or whatever interests child
  • Picking stickers off page and successfully placing onto something
  • Playing with Play Dough and clay: pulling, pressing, stretching, rolling, pounding, squeezing, pinching
  • Squeezing glue bottles, water guns, sponges
  • Shaking bottles of glitter
  • Beading necklaces with yarn or pasta wheels and lacing string
  • Pushing pipe cleaners into foam shapes with center cut out or push into colanders
  • Marking with fat pencils, crayons, markers, and sidewalk chalk
  • Cutting with child safety scissors which are blunt and fits hand. Opening and closing the scissors as well as cutting increases hand strength.

2012/13 Blog

Welcome to the AM Kindergarten 2012/13 blog. My goal for this blog is that I keep you up to date on events and activities happening at school and in our classroom. If your child comes home and says they did nothing at school today, check this blog, I will try to let you know what went on here!

Friday was our very first gym class. For some, it is a very scary and intimidating thought. After a few tears and cries for mommy, we got to the gym, met Mr. Curtis, and had the best 35 minutes of school yet! FYI – Friday in the gym has been coined “FREE TIME FRIDAY”. All of the J.R. Reid students cheer when they see gym class scheduled on a Friday. This is a class where they can play with all the neat gym toys (scooters, balls, hula hoops, hockey etc.) What a great way to start off our year, with a Free Time Friday!

This week will be a busy week at J.R. Reid:


Tuesday Sept. 18: School-wide activity Pinwheels for Peace (look for our Peace Pinwheels in front of the school on Friday – International Day of Peace)

Thursday Sept. 20: PICTURE DAY!, then the Kinders are husking corn for the Family BBQ at 5:00 pm.

Friday Sept. 21: Bus Evacuation Practice 10:05 am

Sight Word Activities

We are working on learning sight words in Kindergarten right now (sight words are small words that occur frequently in English and are often hard to sound out). Earlier in the year I sent home a “Club 22″ and “Club 60″ list. These are the 60 most common words used in English. There are many different lists of sight words. Any and all of them are good to know. Below are some games and activities that you may want to organize for your child. I encourage you to get away from the sight word list, and make learning the words more interactive.  Children at this age tend to memorize the list, and are only able to read them in that order, and not out of context. We want them to be able to read them in books, on signs, posters, on the Smartboard, in games etc. The easiest game to make is a Sight Word Memory. Just make two of each word (start with just a few, and continue to add and change, once they are remembering the words). Remember to have the child (or you) read each word out loud, even if they don’t match. The more times they hear it, the more likely they are to remember it.

Here are some links to some really great ideas:


Sight Word Parking Lot


Sight Word Bang!

No More Food Event Days

After some consideration, I have decided the Kindergarten class will no longer participate in Food Event Days. It is in no way related to the children’s behaviour, because they are always very good. It has turned into a scheduling headache. We will reserve Food Event Days for Grade One, when they all stay at school for the whole day anyway. Thanks for your understanding.

Also, KINDER CLEAN has been rescheduled for THIS WEDNESDAY, MARCH 14 @ 6:00 pm. Everyone is welcome!

Be prepared for your children to become Owl experts! We will begin our research project this week!.

Conference Times

Please look in your child’s backpack for the March Conference time sheet. If the date and time works for you and your family, GREAT! Please send the confirmation slip back to school. If the scheduled time does not work, please let me know as soon as possible (email, phone the school, note on clipboard) so I can find a time that will work for both of us.

Remember, your child is expected to come to the conference with you. We will talk about behaviour, academic growth, and set some goals until the end of the year. Hard to believe this Kindergarten journey is almost over! Where does the time go?


Also, I have about 5 students that still need to return the registration package that went home early last week. These numbers are VERY important for staffing and class sizes for next year. Please have them in NO LATER THAN MARCH 2.

100th Day Celebrations!

. . . 98, 99, 100!! YEAH! The big day is here! It has been such good practice counting to finally reach 100 . Every morning we would add a straw to our “How Many Days at School?” Ones bucket. Every time we reached 10 straws we would put an elastic around them and put them in the Tens bucket. Now that we have 10 groups of 10 we put an elastic around all of the groups and put them in the Hundreds bucket. A daily lesson on place value, counting by 10′s, and number sense.

To celebrate, we did many 100 activities. This is the banner that welcomed the students to start off our exciting day:


Happy 100 Day!


First we made “I am 100 Days Smarter” hats. I PRE CUT 10 strips of different coloured paper PRE GLUED them to a headband. (Find a good show on TV the night before and get gluing! My shows were Whitney and Criminal Minds!)  We kept the headbands flat, while we added 10 stickers to each strip of paper.  Once finished, they curled the strips by rolling the strip on a marker. An adult wrapped the headband around their head to measure, and stapled it to their size. They looked SO AWESOME!!


Kenzie is 100 Days Smarter!


Scott is 100 Days Smarter!


Alantis is 100 Days Smarter AND turned 6 today!!


Once finished their hats, they moved to the next activity. Bingo dabbing 100 dots onto a page, divided into 10 sections. A great exercise in counting.


Owen with 100 dots


Our Grade 5 Math Buddies came to help us with our Roll to 100 Game. Each pair got a 100 chart and once dice.  Their job was to roll the dice, identify that number, and colour in that many squares, starting at 1 and working their way to 100.  Before they started they were to estimate how many rolls it would take to colour in 100 squares.  This was a fun partner game. It involves estimation, subatization, counting and exposure to the 100′s chart.


Roll to 100


After Recess, we were hungry! So, we made a special 100 day trail mix. I put one plate of one small food (i.e.: marshmallows, Fruit Loops, Goldfish etc.) on each table and the kids would put 10 pieces of that food on their own 100′s chart. We started at 1 with Fruit Loops and ended at 10, then I got a new food, marshmallows. They started at 11 and ended at 20 with the marshmallows, and so on. They LOVED doing this, and most of them gobbled up all 100 pieces once we were done. Kudos to the kids for not eating any of it until I said it was okay! A tempting little activity!!


The Final Product


Thank you to the parents that helped supply the bags and boxes of food for this special snack.

What a successful 100′s day!

100 Things Lists

So I asked the kids to give me ideas of 100 things they would like. We came up with everything from kitties to popsicles! This was a hard task for these kids. I think because they are so polite and know that 100 of anything is usually too many!

Then, I asked them to tell me what they would NOT want 100 of. Some kids knew right away – like not wanting 100 dogs, because they would poop a lot. Or not wanting 100 dinosaurs, if they were real.  I had to get silly and ask them if they would want 100 heads or 100 toes. They all agreed that wouldn’t be very good! I think my favourite answer came from Owen. He said he would not want 100 brothers. He did say that he loves his brother a lot, but he is happy with just him! Awwww!


Our 100 things lists